Daycolors Invaders 600ml

Daycolors Invaders


  • Silk matter acrylic lacquer
  • Very high covering power
  • Very UV-resistant
  • a lot of output
  • fast drying times
  • soft, precise spring for good dosing and controllability
  • applicable in all indoor and outdoor weather conditions
  • 26 shades:
    • Including silver and gold;
    • 5 metallic shimmering magic shades
  • 600ml, very productive: more than 3m²
  • all colors can be combined with the product line Daycolors Artists and Daycolors Rebels without color difference

Daycolors Invaders 600ml

The Daycolors Invaders 600ml spray can delivers a very high output in 29 colors. The Daycolors Invaders Magic colors are metallic colors that create a very beautiful shimmer effect. If you want to spray large surfaces, then the Daycolors Invaders is well advised.

Download Colorchart: 
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Daycolors Distribution Colorchart
Daycolors Distribution Colorchart
Daycolors Distribution Colorchart