Daycolors Cans

Our Daycolors spray cans

Daycolors spray cans have been developed for everyday graffiti and artist needs. Thanks to the high-quality pigments, the silky acrylic lacquer has very good blanket properties and a long UV color stability. The colors adhere to all surfaces and dry very quickly. Daycolors spray cans are available in 4 different product lines whose colors are identical. This allows a problem-free combination of all product lines without color differences for the different application areas.
The difference between the four product lines is essentially the use of different sized valves, which regulate the color output. This results, inter alia, The following properties:
The Daycolors Artists 400ml spray can has a soft valve, with which even finest lines can be sprayed. The spray is very clean and excellent to control. The Daycolors Artists is the perfect box for all artists and graffiti sprayers. The color palette includes 124 colors, including clear lacquer, fluid colors and transparent colors.
The Daycolors Rebels 400ml spray can also has a soft valve, but with a much higher spray rate. Fast painting of large surfaces is therefore no problem. The Daycolors Rebels are available in 66 colors.
The Daycolors Invaders 600ml spray can delivers a very high output in 29 colors. The Daycolors Invaders Magic colors are metallic colors that create a very beautiful shimmer effect. If you want to spray large surfaces, then the Daycolors Invaders is well advised.
The Daycolors Nitro 400ml dries extremely fast and the 12 shades on nitro basis cover super good even on fresh chrome.

Daycolors Specifications

  • silk matte acrylic lacquer
  • very high covering power
  • applicable in all indoor and outdoor weather conditions
  • very UV-resistant
  • fast drying times
  • soft, precise spring for good dosing and controllability
  • 129 shades:
    • Including silver and gold,
    • 3 fluorine colors,
    • 5 Magic Metallic shades,
    • Transparent black and white
    • Clear lacquer matt and shiny
  • the colors of the individual product lines can be combined with one another without color difference